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Frobisher Beethoven CommandantBeethoven, The Commandant and FrobisherCommandant

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Frobisher beethoven cammandantFrobisher & Beethoven

These guys are our bullywot "security mooks", Frobisher is the literate one while Beethoven provides just more raw muscle power. While Officious and Intolerant of transgressions, they none the less have a sensitive and fragile  side to their natures, an aspect their personality  totally at odds with their aggressive and fierce appearance.

The CommandantThe Commandant

Head of our security detail, the Commandant believes in doing the right thing and always considering safe options. However, his view of what is right is coloured by association with Erasmus, Kinkajou and the doctors Xxxxx.

“It always surprises me when some bumbling idiot takes objection to what my colleagues say. These idiots without any consideration of the theory, without any consideration of what it is based on, and without any consideration of what evidence there may be in support of these arguments, instantly tell you that "you are wrong". They know this after considering the Paill Spectrum theory for about 30 seconds. The fact that others may have lived, thought, breathed and imagined in pursuit of these theories for ten to fifteen years, is nought in their knowing onslaught.”

“Still, thankfully even the Paill Spectrum theory obviously cannot hold the attention of these great intellects for more than a few minutes. Peace on earth, astral travelling and solving world hunger and crime will surely occupy them for at least five minutes more, till these problems are also solved as well.”
“Perhaps after this time, they may die from terminal ennui and boredom. We can be rid of their knowing and empty ways.”

I believe in doing the right thing. Modern medicine won't do that. All you will find down the road of modern science is perhaps misery, suffering, failure and death. I don't think its right to write off psychiatrically ill patients as being useless and not worth taking seriously. In the Paill Spectrum model, these people have a serious illness. Most of the rest of us are not far behind. An episode of illness, poor nutrition be it from poverty or as a complication of substance abuse, immune suppressing medicines or just a day CENSORED "ref AX1006" by order of “Frobisher” authorised by “The Commandant”., may be the first step in a lifelong downward spiral.

Doing the right thing is not to allow people to suffer and die. No matter how much they insist it is a sensible choice. Doing the right thing is about understanding the world. Understanding consequences. And doing your best to make it right.

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Human Evolution should be so lucky. 
Human Evolution should be so lucky.  Our team has evolved with time.

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