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Erasmus Erasmus: The basic enneagram gene theory would say that particular enneagram types are based on the presence or absence of specific genes.

KinkajouKinkajou: Tell us about the genes themselves.

Erasmus Erasmus: Social types possess active “opioid” genes. Self pres people do not.

The fast serotonin gene is present in twos, threes and sixes. Interestingly the brain pathway in which this gene works can have its action accelerated or potentiated in people who do not have the gene. This however happens only in specific circumstances. When stressed, enneagram “nines”, begin to appear like they are “sixes”. They ask questions and ask them fast when stressed. So other brain pathways can influence behaviour in specific circumstances.

Enneagram theory predicts these changes, in brain pathway activity in normal people of particular enneagram types.

KinkajouKinkajou: In summary genes have different effects depending on the brain pathways they are in and depending on the level of stimulation they receive.

Erasmus Erasmus: Fast noradrenaline genes are present in threes, fours, fives, sixes and very definitely in sevens. Sevens are the classical fast noradrenaline gene enneagram type. The noradrenaline gene says go, do it now, especially if coupled with slow histamine “volition” gene. It is the noradrenaline gene that makes the future, “sometimes fools rush in and just get the job done”.

Beach acrobat just going for it.  Beach acrobat just going for it.

The key volition gene is the slow histamine gene. This is present in one’s, twos, threes, fours, some sixes, and very typically in eights. The gene is dominant and flavours the outlook and actions of the personality. Slow histamine genes could also be described as deciding genes. Enneagram ones and eights have no problem knowing what needs to be done. Their genes have made the decisions for them . They will not be commanded. It often impresses people who are not familiar with these enneagram subtypes how much these people seem to know. With familiarity however, people begin to realise that it is not that they know more, it is just that they are so much more confident about what they know and about what they should do. A two-year-old eight can indeed facedown adults, supremely confident in the knowledge that he or she knows best. Do it my way or the highway. The rest of you are f….g idiots.

Slow and Steady: all the way: with strength.  Slow and Steady: all the way: with strength.

Is the fast histamine gene however that is also a very critical and important gene forms the mainstay of many native populations. It allows survival through quick assessment of one’s environment. But it does not drive any want or need or desire to change the environment, unlike the fast serotonin, fast noradrenaline, slow histamine or even the low opioid genes.

Erasmus Erasmus: However its crucial role is in combination. Many the enneagram subtypes, have not only the more dominant fast serotonin, fast noradrenaline and slow histamine genes, but they have fast histamine genes as well. Although not colouring the personality, they do given underlay faster mental action to many of the personality types. Ones, threes, fours and sixes, may all have fast and slow histamine genes in combination. Although not well recognised by the typical enneagram typing, mixed histamine gene types are actually very different to double slow histamine types even when they fall within the same enneagram type. This shows how complex the phenotyping of the enneagram types can be. The enneagram types are just a simplification. It may be better to look at the enneagram genotype and to understand the actions of the enneagram genes, alone or in combination, to better understand what the personality of a person may be.

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KinkajouKinkajou: So what do you think of enneagram nines?

Erasmus Erasmus: Erasmus: On a personal level, I have a strong affinity for personalities with fast histamine genes, i.e. nines . Our civilisation would not be the same civilisation without them. But I feel very strongly-nines could  not build a civilisation. I feel any civilisation built by nines would be very different to what we see today.

An enneagram “nine” civilisation would not burst into being in a short space of time such as occurred in Mesopotamia (Sumeria). It would be a civilisation that would creep out of history over thousands of years. It would be a civilisation with a complex social hierarchical binding, linking all the people together into a web of shared knowledge, shared responsibility and shared understanding. A very different civilisation animal indeed, to the civilisation we know so well today.

Nines would not choose to build the civilisation we know today. But they very definitely would choose to live in it. They can understand its advantages and disadvantages and are quite happy to fit into their niche within it.

This describes the Maori situation .I believe many of the native Maori are self-pres nines. (The situation is discussed under the  self- pres web page.)

Many of the worlds’ native peoples in many parts of the world are likely “nines”. The lack of development of technological civilisation should not be taken as evidence that nines are primitive. All of the enneagram types are as intelligent as each other. However the drive to do varies considerably amongst the enneagram types. Enneagram Nines may not drive the development of technological civilisation. Nine enneagram genetics however is likely to underpin the substantial social development of native peoples. There is a complex social matrix pinning together many native populations such as the Australian aboriginals – which other enneagram phenotypes such as those abundant in the new European immigrants do not possess.

We Europeans look at the native peoples such as in Australia and focus on our technological superiority. The native peoples look on the European immigrants and see evidence of a level of blindness to social cohesive forces.

Learn about Civilisation Founding Technologies. WWW.ENKtechs.COM "OldTech"

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In the nation’s webpage, I also make the point that with increased immigration of nines into a nation, the nation loses its drive, its energy and begins to stagnate. This is not to say that nines are bad. It is simply to say that too many of any enneagram subtype does change the culture of action and doing of a nation. In short, there is perhaps a more optimum degree of blending of the enneagram genes in any population, if that population as a nation aims to achieve specific goals.

KinkajouKinkajou: How are the Enneagram types suited to different roles or work?

Erasmus Erasmus: It is said in many discussions, that nines perform very well in routine repetitive jobs where there is very little ability to decide what when to do and how to do it. Nines become imprisoned by web of routine.

Threes also tend to migrate to busy jobs, and tend to lose themselves in the volume of work with which they engage. Threes become imprisoned by a web of activity. Enneagram Threes do tend to complete the tasks which they start.

Enneagram Sevens start many things and finish few. Sevens become imprisoned by web of unfinished tasks and of things that they plan to do.

Enneagram Sixes think about things and try to understand how and why things happen. Sixes often become imprisoned a web of paranoia in understanding the cause-and-effect aspects of how and why things happen around them.

I do think the question about what sort of people there should be in the nation, does need to be asked. How much of the stagnation or loss of drive in Western solicitation is actually driven by increased prevalence of specific genes within the population. Is “one-ing” a nation a good thing? Is “nine-ing” in a nation a good thing? Is seven-ing a nation a good thing? Is six-ing a nation a good thing?

KinkajouKinkajou: What proportions of each of these genes gives a nation the most drive the most energy the most ability to achieve many tasks that make a civilisation successful?

Erasmus Erasmus: An interesting question. I think there are no bad enneagram types. Each enneagram type can be a disease or problem unto itself. There are however enneagram types which work better in situations and solve problems differently.

For example, in an organisation or company, an enneagram three manager can push an organisation, develop efficiency, and work towards a goal. An enneagram seven manager would consider many different options to find a new path to the future. An enneagram nine manager would help mesh the people together into a team that can work towards the future by combining their different strengths and weaknesses. An enneagram six manager could understand the hidden agenda and navigate his organisation’s path around it.

The fast serotonin or six gene could be described as a thinking gene. It gives a sarcastic or cynical flavour to the personality. Sometimes there is almost a paranoid element to aspects of a personality.

The fast noradrenaline gene is “doing” gene. It is responsible for people starting lots of things but perhaps finishing few.

The low opioid or self pres gene gives a feeling of no confidence or no optimism. Opioids make you feel good. So if you don’t have many opioids in your brain you don’t feel good, you don’t feel happy and you don’t feel optimistic.

The slow histamine gene or “eight” gene could be could be described as deciding gene or a volition gene. It makes individuals want to be the biggest and the best. It gives individuals a confidence that what they are deciding is right and unfortunately what others may be deciding or thinking, is wrong.

What Enneagram?  What Enneagram? We are our genetic programming?

KinkajouKinkajou: So there are many possible paths to the future. But understanding the contribution of our genetics to our choices is worth considering.

Erasmus Erasmus: The major point of contention between traditional enneagram personality models and the genetics enneagram theory, is the basis for the formation of personality. In the gene theory, personality is based on genes. You are what you inherit. While your experiences in life can alter how you behave, they do not form the basis of how you behave.

Human behaviour is based on the activity of pathways in the brain, in the gene theory.

Through experience and learning, you can learn to change your behaviour by altering the inputs to these pathways. In enneagram aware people, there is considerable emphasis on knowing yourself, realising the helpful and damaging facets of your inherent behaviour, and learning that there may be different behavioural responses which are effective in different situations.

Alternatively, medications can also substantially alter the activity of these pathways in your brain. The gene theory talks about histamine receptors and pathways, serotonin receptors and pathways, noradrenergic receptors and pathways, and finally opioid receptors and opioid pathways. Drugs which affect all of these pathways are commonplace in our society. Antidepressants commonly affect serotonin and noradrenergic pathways. It follows that they can affect your behaviour. The taking of opioid medications, legal or illegal, can make you much more optimistic happy and accepting of things happening around you. Antihistamines are renowned for their effect on wakefulness.

In this aspect, the gene theory of enneagrams predicts that it is in fact possible to change your behaviour and even make it look like you are altering your enneagram number through the taking of medications, for example such as antidepressants.


KinkajouKinkajou: What about environmental circumstances?

Erasmus Erasmus: The final major input to the activity of brain pathways are events in the environment. When stressed, personalities change through a broad level of change in inputs to brain pathways. When relaxed, the activity of inputs into the same brain pathways alters, again resulting in a change in behaviour. The enneagram model is unique as a personality model in that it recognises the effects of environmental stimuli such as rest or relaxation in altering behaviour.

Training such as in relaxation techniques, or even in the opposite direction such as activation or focusing techniques, can allow you to take charge of the activities of the pathways in your brain. This can, at least for a short time, allow you to alter your enneagram number.

There may be other genes involved in determining behaviour. For example, the presence of high dopamine levels in the brain can predispose people to impulsive behaviour such as gambling. You would expect that this would translate into people having a lot more impulsivity and volition. Perhaps this is why some people have so much more confident speaking in public. Successful public speakers can belong to any enneagram type. So it makes sense to think that there are other genes that influence this type of behaviour.

Office Worker: Which enneagram?  Office Worker: Which enneagram?

KinkajouKinkajou: Genetics and the environment. I think its all covered.

Dr XxxxxDr. Xxxxx: Don't forget disease. Mirror, mirror on the wall, Is Paill Spectrum greatest of them all/

Dr AXxxxxDr. AXxxxx: Perhaps! But no one will remember. They also may lose the power of reason as well. Good luck. You will need it.







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