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KinkajouKinkajou: So tell us about the sexual enneagram subtype.


Erasmus Erasmus: Sexual subtypes enjoy a close relationship with the intimates. These are the people close to them. Family and friends are usually the focus of a sexual’s social energy. This is very different from the situation existing in a social subtype. Socials enjoy a confidence or faith in other people and a relationship with any or many of their fellow men.

Couple sexual behaviour Couple sexual behaviour

A common problem scenario is when say a sexual male begins to date a social female. The female wants to be off and socializing. the male just wants to hang onto his partner and have one on one time with her. The female begins to feel threatened and constrained, smothered by her new boyfriend. the girl begins to get annoyed at the guy hanging onto her leg and wanting to be with her all the time. The girls resent the conscientious affectations and attention of the partner- and they break up. Relationship over.

The scenario plays the same with either male  or female being the social or sexual- same feelings of resentment.

Couple sexual behaviour  Couple sexual behaviour:  in SciFi

KinkajouKinkajou: I can see this sort of things happens all the time. And sadly the sexual partner who is dumped is like as not,remains completely oblivious of their effect on the other person.

Erasmus Erasmus: Yes indeed. But more about sexuals in the enneagram.

 The best description of what it is to be a sexual is what I have seen some of my friend's relatives do. They are a newly formed couple. They shop together, work together and eat together. In fact they do everything together. They had even talked about going out together. If one of the pair should die, the other one would choose to go with them.

My friend's wife (a sexual) thought this romantic and asked her partner (a self pres) “what about us?”. Her partner said-no way-if you’re going, I’m not going with you. You’re on your own. However, a sexual would probably really have a think about this offer.

Family : "Enneagram: sexual" behaviour Family : "Enneagram: sexual" behaviour

I think the focus on the family exemplifies the “sexual” focus. The family unit is all important. Looking after family members and spending time with them is what is central to their lives.

A sexual on a weekend social feast would spend it all with a select group of their friends, not all and sundry.

Erasmus Erasmus: A sexual would definitely not, as a primary focus, choose to spend time with people they do not know.. Again, I would say, genes make personality which makes cultures which make nations which makes destiny.

Couple sexual behaviour Couple sexual behaviour Couple sexual behaviour



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The "sexual" perspective: only the inside crowd: family and friends matter.
The "sexual" perspective: only the inside crowd:
family and friends matters.